Dry’s core product is a bag that keeps drenched gear away from other clothes and allows it to dry and drain naturally.  Dry’s target audience are adventurists and sportspeople who are likely to get soaked, like surfers, triathletes and riders (bike and horse).


Dry have a great product and came to Hand Drawn Pixels for brand design and promotion to express the innovation and style of the bag.  The essence of our design for the brand was a strong but simple logo.  The droplet marque conveys both what the bag does and the activity the bag supports, but is simple enough to be replicated in branding devices like a woven label and a toggle on the bag.


We produced brand guidelines to clarify the use of the brand and rolled the designs out with the creation of a website and print media.  We also worked with a specialist agency to support Dry with a social media strategy, using dedicated imagery and avatars.


Our promotional work for Dry included art direction for photo shoots, video production and direction.