Breaking Tradition

Breaking Tradition is the UK’s leading folk and hip hop dance company. Founded by Artistic Director Damien Barber, the company has developed its own unique repertoire of folk and hip hop dance fusion. It is this originality that has led to the company’s critical acclaim, gaining 4 and 5 star national reviews for their high quality productions.

Affiliated to the BBC Radio 2 Award Winning ‘The Demon Barbers’, live music is an essential part of the company’s work.


Breaking Tradition wanted a complete rebrand to help refocus the company as a production and dance company.

The new brand is based around the idea of breaking and integration. By separating the word ‘breaking’, this created a dynamic movement around the word ‘tradition’. Both of the elements represent the constant evolution of  English folk music and integration with modern genres.

 A distinctive colour palette represents Breaking Tradition’s dynamic and modern take on traditional music and dance. The identity utilises these colours with shapes and patterns applied across print and online.